The Grip Of The Hammer Determines Its Life

Jan. 03, 2019

The grip of the American Type Chipping Hammer determines its life, which is not an alarmist. The hammer manufacturer will give you several ways to hold the hammer, so that everyone can improve work efficiency and increase the life of the hammer.

First, the anti-grip method: the anti-grip method palms up, the fingers naturally pinch the handle, the palms are suspended. Commonly used for side cuts, burrs and the use of shorter hammers.

Second, the vertical grip method, the vertical grip method palm is right on the chest, the thumb and other four-finger joints naturally pinch the handle b. It is often used when breaking materials on an anvil.

Third, the positive grip method: the palm of the hand is down, the wrist is straight, the middle finger and the ring finger are used to hold the handle, the little finger is naturally closed, the index finger and the thumb are naturally straightened, and the hammer head extends about 20 mm. Commonly used in front boring, large area strong boring and other occasions.

Mastering these three methods can improve the service life of the hammer and improve our work efficiency. At the same time, the Chipping Hammer Supplier also reminds everyone to take care of the hammer, use the hammer correctly, and do not use the hammer as a weapon or weapon.

American Type Chipping Hammer

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