Scope Of Application Of Ratchet Wrench

Dec. 30, 2018

The Ratchet Wrench is also known as a sharp-handed ratchet wrench. The pointed-end ratchet wrench has a fixed-size opening. It has a double-port and a single-port. The opening size is adapted to the size of the screw head and the nut, and is made according to the standard size.

The sharp-tailed ratchet wrench has a wide range of functions, mainly for high-altitude operations, construction site work, duct construction, piping construction, electric power construction, mechanical maintenance, equipment maintenance, home decoration, and automobile repair.

The material of the double-mouthed ratchet wrench is generally made of high-quality carbon steel forging and processed by integral heat treatment. The product must be verified by Ratchet Wrench Supplier's quality inspection to avoid personal injury caused by product quality problems during use.

Safety rules for sharp-ended ratchet wrenches:

The wrench should be level with the plane of the bolt or nut to prevent the wrench from slipping out of the person when the force is applied.

The end of the wrench can not be added to the sleeve to extend the arm to prevent damage to the wrench.

The wrench cannot be tapped with a steel hammer, and the wrench is easily deformed or damaged under impact load.

It is not possible to mix the metric wrench with the inch wrench to avoid slipping and hurting the user.

Scope Of Application Of Ratchet Wrench

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