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Jan. 09, 2019

Nowadays, many machines and equipment have many parts and wires in production, and these parts need to be completed by professional tools. This American Type Long Nose Plier is such a professional tool.

The needle-nosed pliers produced by Long Nose Pliers Supplier are made of high-performance steel. The handles are covered with insulating and anti-combustion anti-forging materials. Generally, it is used to treat steel wire, which can be tight and stripped. Crimp, rolling line and other effects.

The pliers and wrenches we developed have excellent performance, and the main ones are better than the common ones:

First, the knife edge is sturdy, and the use of special labor saving is greatly improved due to its labor-saving design.

Second, the flexibility is good, there is no anti-cracking problem, the angle of the pliers opening is increased, and it is suitable for cutting various materials.

Third, the resistance is good, even if it is caused by improper storage, it can be restored to normal by simple treatment, which greatly improves the life of the pliers and the wrench.

American Type Long Nose Pliers

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