Use Of British Type Pipe Wrench

Nov. 01, 2018

Pipe wrenches, a tool commonly used in the workover industry. Although simple, there are still many places to pay attention to, from the use of pipe wrenches to precautions before use, to maintenance after use, great knowledge. Let's take a look at "the use of pipe wrenches."

The main purpose

It is a tool used to rotate metal pipes or other cylindrical workpieces. It is a common tool for connecting underground pipelines and connecting downhole strings.


1 Before use, check whether the fixing pin is firm or not. The clamp head handle has no cracks. If it is not strong and cracked, it cannot be used.

2 You cannot use a force bar with a pipe wrench.

3 Do not use the pipe wrench as a hoe or crowbar.

4 Wash and maintain in time.

5 After cleaning and maintenance, the pipe wrench needs to be put back in place for convenient use.


You need to wear labor insurance before using the pipe wrench.

To use the pipe wrench, you need to point the jaws toward you and bless them. Convenient Once the pipe wrench pops up, it will not hurt yourself.

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British Type Pipe Wrench

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