The Role And Development Trend Of Pipe Wrench

Nov. 03, 2018

When the pipe and the pipe are connected, the tool used for fastening or loosening is called a pipe wrench. The pipe wrench should be selected to be basically adapted to the diameter of the pipe to be operated, that is, the pipe wrench type or specification should meet the requirements. In operation, because of the jaw opening of the pipe wrench, the size of the opening can be as long as the diameter of the pipe. The opening is larger than the pipe diameter, and it is difficult to clamp on the pipe.

When using, when the pipe clamp is stuck on the pipe, use a little "impact force" and use a little force to "snap" the pipe, so that the pipe can be stuck. In addition, the American Type Pipe Wrench must pay attention to a very important principle during use. The pipe wrench can only be applied in a clockwise direction. The "tooth shape" on the pipe wrench is inverted in one direction.

If the direction of the force to be operated and the direction in which the pipe needs to be tightened or loosened are not correct, then the pipe wrench is removed from the pipe and then "turned in the direction", that is, the pipe wrench is turned in one direction, and the pipe fitting can be operated. .

Below China Pipe Wrench Supplier will briefly introduce the development trend of the pipe clamps for everyone:

1. Actively introduce incentive and competition mechanisms and “people-oriented” technical and economic management methods;

2. It should be beneficial to adopt new technologies, new technologies and new materials, promote the advancement of tools and technology, and prepare for the integration with the international community;

3, should ensure the smooth progress of production, and use the principle of value engineering, rational selection of tools according to needs, to minimize the inventory and consumption of tools, accelerate cash flow turnover, improve economic efficiency;

4, should adapt to the needs of tool replacement.

The Role And Development Trend Of Pipe Wrench

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