How To Operate The Pipe Wrench Safely?

Feb. 13, 2019

Pipe wrenches, also known as telescopic pipe wrenches, are one of the classifications of pipe wrenches. Pipe wrenches are the left and right hands of operators. The damage caused by improper use of pipe wrenches is not as serious as that of hydraulic clamps. In recent years, pipe clamps have been injured. The case has drawn our attention. We should guarantee the quality of each tool and the pipe wrench that does not meet the safety requirements should be banned.

First, the British Type Pipe Wrench adjustment ring should be kept clean on the appearance of the pipe wrench. The pipe clamp teeth are kept clean and there is no serious wear, and there is no crack in all parts of the pipe wrench.

Secondly, according to the size of the pipe, select the pipe wrench of the appropriate specification. When operating, the bow should be stabilized, and the center of gravity should be properly pressed. The direction and position of the two palms should be properly staggered, and the force should be firmly grasped. To, fall.

Finally, when using the American Type Pipe Wrench , the pipe wrench should be supported by one hand, and the other hand should be pressed against the pipe wrench. After several adjustments, confirm that the pipe wrench bites the pipe and then shackle it. Do not use the afterburner or multiple people to pull the pipe wrench at the same time, so as not to cause the pipe wrench to break and hurt, and to injure the operator. How should the pipe wrench be operated to be safe?

American Type Pipe Wrench

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