Precautions For Auto Repair Of Socket Wrench

Nov. 22, 2018

The Telescopic Wrench is a special tool for tightening or unscrewing the screws. It has three series of standard type, positive and negative thread type and different diameter type, and fifty-two varieties, which can meet the horizontal, vertical and oblique directions of the building structure. For the same diameter, different diameter and adjustable length and direction of the connection of steel bars, for many car owners to use the socket wrench when disassembling the tire or spark plug.

When using a Tight Wire Socket Wrench, be sure to select the sleeve that fits completely with the nut or bolt. If a sleeve larger than the nut or bolt is used, the sleeve can easily round the nut or bolt head during the rotation. . When disassembling the tighter wheel bolts, if a suitable extension rod is placed on the sleeve handle, the rotation torque can be increased and the wheel bolts can be easily loosened.

It is important to note that if you use the socket wrench handle extension rod when tightening the wheel bolts, remember that the force is too strong to prevent the rotation torque from exceeding the tolerance of the nut or bolt, otherwise the nut or bolt may be damaged.

Telescopic Wrench

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